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Known Issues

No automatic pull request dialog in the XetHub UI after pushing from your local branch

Workaround: After running git push is run from a branch, copy the XetHub link in your browser to create a new pull request. Another option is to find your branch through the XetHub comparison UI and start a pull request from there.

Rendering and file type limitations for automatic differences

UI rendering

Differences between branches can be very large. When displaying differences on XetHub, the following restrictions apply:

  • The UI currently limits the number of files displayed to the first 50 changed files.
  • Text files with over 1000 lines of changes will only display the first 1000 lines changed.
  • Text files with line changes of over 5000 characters will only display the first 5000 characters.
  • Differences on files exceeding 8 MiB will not be shown through the UI.
  • Custom visualization differences on files exceeding 8 MiB will not be shown.

Workaround: For any differences exceeding the limits above, stream files or checkout branches locally to review changes. Users also have the option to download before/after versions of each file through XetHub's comparison view UI by clicking the Download button on the right side of each file's Differences header.

Custom visualization limitations

Custom visualizations are fully rendered in the browser and fetch all referenced data on demand. If the referenced data is quite large (beyond perhaps a few hundred MB), it may take a long time to download, and may slow down or even make the page unresponsive.

Workaround: When visualizing large data, consider committing sampled or aggregated data to the repository and referencing that instead.

File type support

XetHub currently supports showing differences on many types of text and image files.

Workaround: For unsupported file types, we recommend streaming files or checking out branches locally for a closer look. Expecting difference support on your file type? File an issue to request support for additional file types.

File browser and UI loading limitations

Directories with large numbers of files can slow down the loading of the left pane file browser and main pane file explorer,potentially leading to browser slowness and unresponsiveness.

Workaround: When possible, try to limit the number of files within a single directory. We plan to add a paginated view to improve this experience.

Large pull request limitations

Pull requests are only available through the UI, and may encounter browser timeouts when the number of files changed is large.

Workaround: While we address this limitation, Git push through the CLI works for all size changes. For collaborative review, consider making and pushing changes on a branch, and asking a reviewer to checkout your branch for local review. Once they have approved your change, you can merge your branch to main using the CLI and push your changes.

Windows limitations

  • Mounting repositories on Windows machines requires NFS client, which is unavailable for Windows Home edition. Mount is available for Windows Pro, Enterprise, and Server editions.

  • When first connecting over SSH, you may encounter a Git for Windows popup that warns about the authenticity of Type yes in the text entry and press OK to add XetHub to your known hosts.