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XetHub is comprised of a web UI and a git-xet extension. A XetHub account, installation of the git-xet extension, and set SSH keys are required for most Xet repository operations to function properly.


XetHub requires Git v2.29 or above and a configured Git identity:

Old Git versions and unset profiles may cause unexpected errors.

Install the git-xet extension

The git-xet Git command line extension adds support for Xet mount and XetHub storage.

  1. Download and run the MacOS pkg installer.
  2. From your terminal, initialize the extension with:
    git xet install

Confirm install

Verify installation by printing out the version:

git xet -V
gitxet 0.8.1

Create a XetHub account

A XetHub account is required for pushing any changes to a Xet repository.

If you haven't already, create an account using one of these options from the web UI:

  • Sign In With GitHub/GitLab (recommended) associates existing credentials with a new XetHub account.
  • Register creates a new XetHub account associated with your email address, requiring email confirmation.

Set your SSH key

To encrypt all communications, generate a SSH keypair and add the public key to your XetHub account.