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Invite Collaborators

XetHub works for both single user and collaborative development.

Users can create both public and private repositories under their personal account, and have the option to add other XetHub users as collaborators to support open development of datasets through forks and pull requests. Public repositories are visible to anyone on the internet, allowing for easy clones and forks, however only repository owners have default write access. Repository owners can invite an unlimited number of collaborators to join them with read, write, or admin privileges:

  1. From a repository that you own, click the Settings tab and then select Collaborators. Screenshot of the Add Collaborator screen in the XetHub UI

  2. Begin typing an existing XetHub username to see the available options autopopulate. If the person you'd like to add is not yet a XetHub user, please ask them to sign up and share their username.

  3. Once a collaborator has been added, use the dropdown arrow to choose from read privileges (ability to access a private repository), write privileges (ability to push changes), and admin privileges (ability to change settings, including the ability to add/remove collaborators). Screenshot of the Edit Collaborator screen in the XetHub UI

Adding collaborators makes it easy for teammates to manage and review work together in XetHub.