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ChatChat 🐱😼😹🙀😾😿😻😸😽😺

Chat is cat (en français). So this is ChatChat, a small project exploring the intersectionality of AI and cats!

How to run this thing

If you want the interactive features to work you need to provide an OpenAI API key in an environment variable:

export OPENAI_API_KEY=sk-...

After that:

docker compose up

This will take a while the first time. If you change things between running make sure to also add a --build flag to docker compose.


docker compose

docker compose is used to spin up 3 containers:

  • frontend server
  • backend server
  • image server


The frontend is available after starting up the services on localhost:5173 in a browser.

It is a react app written with typescript and using vite as the frontend dev server. The floating emoji's in the UI utilize the react-tsparticles library and searchbars are using antd components.

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