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XetHub brings speedy access and Git-based collaboration to large scale repositories of data, code, or any combination of files.

Why XetHub?

  • Instant mount for easy access to large data in seconds, because we should spend our time working with data, not waiting for it.
  • Automatic deduplication for full freedom to copy and change files without worrying about storage costs.
  • Git compatibility, because who wants to learn yet another tool? XetHub adds scale to the Git tools and workflows you know.

Who is XetHub for?

XetHub is ideal for teams who already use Git to track their code changes, and want to leverage the power of infinite history, pull requests, and difference-based tracking for larger assets such as datasets or media files. Managing complete projects with familiar Git semantics makes change tracking and continuous integration a breeze, especially for workflows that use code to generate or augment assets.