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Using XetHub with VSCode

Most modern IDEs include simple user interfaces for running Git commands with buttons and simple dialogs. This makes it incredibly quick to commit, stage, and push changes to a centralized version control system like GitHub or GitLab.

Since the Git-Xet extension uses Git under the hood, these features naturally work for repositories hosted on XetHub.

Setting a remote for VSCode

  1. Open VSCode and run Cmd + Shift + P (Ctrl + Shift + P on Windows) to open the Command palette. Then, type "Git: Clone" and select it.

  2. Use the Access dropdown from your XetHub UI to copy the remote Git URL of your repository (e.g.,

  3. You may be prompted to enter your credentials. Enter the information and press return.

VSCOde is now set up to track your XetHub remote. You can create branches and commits, view changes, and push changes to XetHub from IDE's GUI.

Supported Git GUI Integrations