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An example repository of our Tableau Site sync functionality


Tableau Site Sync Demo

This is a demo of a XetHub repository that is connected to a Tableau site. It will sync updates as they are created in Tableau Cloud. This provides full, Git-backed version control, tracking all changes to published datasources and workbooks for automatic backup and infinite history. XetHub also provides rich summaries and visual difference views so you can easily review and understand changes without needing to open Tableau.


To learn how to sync your Tableau Cloud side to a XetHub repository, please visit our documentation. As you can see, all projects in the Tableau site are represented as folders in the XetHub repository.

Rich Summaries

Navigate to any .twb or .tds file in the reposity to view a rich summary of the file. For example, you can check out the standard Superstore workbook here.

Visual Difference Views

XetHub supports comparing versions side by side with our visual difference views. You can see the example of changes made in the Superstore workbook by navigating to this commit. To learn more about rich summaries and visual difference views, please visit our documentation.

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Samples Initial workbooks and datasources sync 2 months ago
default Superstore Example workbook (https://10ax.online.tableau.com/#/site/xet/workbooks/360286) updated 2 months ago
.gitattributes Initial commit 79 B 2 months ago
README.md Update readme to link to Superstore diff commit. 1.4 KiB 2 months ago


An example repository of our Tableau Site sync functionality

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